Heal Your Posture

  • The landing page listing all of the videos. The video application page was designed to match the existing site's layout so that the transition from company website to video application would be seamless.

  • The site scales perfectly to fit small devices such as phones and tablets.

  • Customer registration form.

  • The registration form wraps and form elements expand to take up the entire width of the page on small devices so that it's easy for clients to enter their information.

  • Login is a popup modal so that the user does not lose their place.

  • Popups are more important on mobile devices, as going to a whole new page and reloading it take much longer.

  • Paypal integration as viewed from a desktop computer or laptop.

  • Paypal integration on a mobile device or small tablet.

  • Video viewing page.

  • Video viewing page on a mobile device.


Heal Your Posture is a company based out of Orange County, CA that specializes in recording and publishing videos that users can sign up for subscriptions to watch.  

The owner of the site records videos demonstrating things like proper posture, then uploads them and promotes them on social networks, mailing lists, and by word of mouth.  Clients then come to her site and choose which video they'd like to purchase then go through the process of signing up and paying for the videos via paypal.  At the end of the subscription period, they're offered the chance to re-purchase the video or buy a subscription to a new video.

The owner of the site has the ability to easily log in to the back-end and update any information about any of the videos, see her customers' information, and see video information.

Project Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Friendly Backend
  • Database Driven
  • Image Uploads
  • Custom Site Manager
  • Paypal Integration
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