30 Minute Crash Course in mySQL

This is a crash course in SQL. Learn the basics enough to get you started with development or database administration. We will discuss how to create tables, search for information in those tables, join tables, perform easy calculations, and use real world examples to get you started in mySQL.

PhoneGap and the Apple Store

While getting an app into Android stores is fairly easy, Apple's App Store has an approval process that's often strict, confusing, and not always consistent. There have been grumblings in the developer community because PhoneGap apps are thought to be nearly impossible to get into Apple's App Store. Originally, Apple rejected all hybrid apps, but after about 6 months, they started allowing them and will no longer reject applications solely because their user interface is built using HTML. In fact, many of Apple's own apps or advertising platforms for iOS are entirely built with HTML/CSS/JS. Apple is rejecting some PhoneGap apps because they are essentially nothing more than webpages wrapped in a browser, marketed as an app.

PHP Script to get user's location

Sometimes it's necessary to know the location of the user. This is available through third party pay sites, but what if you have no budget? This is a quick little function that uses cURL to scrape a third party website to get information about a users's location.

MySQL Fuzzy Dates

How to create fuzzy dates in mysql. What are "fuzzy dates?" Fuzzy dates are when you see blog posts or forum posts and they say stuff like "Posted 5 days ago" or "Last updated 3 years ago," as opposed to just giving the actual time those events occurred.